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Why advertise at

Advertising with Motorhomes and Caravans For Sale is the best way to reach an audience of thousands of people looking for park homes, motorhomes and caravans just like yours. By placing an advert you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Number of Words: There is no limit to the number of words in your advertisement. Feel free to describe the caravan or motorhome you are selling in as much detail as you like.
  • Number of Photos: You can include up to six colour photographs at no extra charge.
  • Period of Advert: Your advert remains live until sold.
  • Delay: None at all, adverts go live as soon as an editor has checked them for accuracy.
  • Cost: Just 15 UNTIL SOLD (max 12 months) - special offer - for a limited time only!
  • Other considerations: All our latest adverts are previewed in a random order in the "Stop Press!" section on our homepage to give them extra coverage.
    We are now receiving well over 1,000 unique visitors per day. Your advert will be visible to nearly 50,000 interested buyers each month.

There are other places you can advertise, here is a comparison of what you get elsewhere:

A medium sized advert in Caravan Trader™ magazine (published by Auto Trader™)

  • Number of Words: Only 26 words.
  • Number of Photos: Just the one unless you pay £80 for their largest advert which still only allows you three photos.
  • Period of Advert: Two weeks - your advert appears in the fortnightly magazine.
  • Delay: From seven days up to three weeks, depending on how close to their deadline you place your advert.
  • Cost: £30 or as much as £80 for the largest advert available.

An advert in one of the specialist monthly caravan or motorhome magazines. We can't analyse every magazine here but will quote one example.

  • Number of Words: Only 40 words.
  • Number of Photos: Just the one.
  • Period of Advert: Four weeks - your advert appears in the monthly magazine.
  • Delay: From two weeks up to five weeks, depending on how close to their deadline you place your advert.
  • Cost: £40.

A classifieds advert in your local newspaper.

  • Number of Words: 20 or 30, you normally pay per word.
  • Number of Photos: None, or maybe a black and white one if you pay extra.
  • Period of Advert: One night.
  • Delay: About 2 days or maybe more if you want a specific night.
  • Cost: Varies based on the number of nights and number of words. £40 might just buy you 4 nights and 30 words.
  • Other considerations: A very limited audience and actually very expensive when you have to pay by the word and the number of nights.

Ebay™ auction website.

  • Number of Words: Unlimited.
  • Number of Photos: Up to six.
  • Period of Advert: Auctions can run from 1 day up to 10 days.
  • Delay: None unless you create the auction to finish at a specific date and time.
  • Cost: Depending on the options you choose, approx £10 to £20 listing fee and a fixed £22.50 final value fee.
  • Other considerations: Watch out for timewasters that win your auction then don't complete the deal. In these circumstances you are forced to wait weeks before finally claiming back your final value fee. The insertion fee is lost and you have to pay again to relist the item (then keep your fingers crossed this time).

Advertising at makes sense. It's cheaper, offers more benefits and is more effective than advertising elsewhere.

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